Monday, November 15, 2010

Met with Jin Ho Verdonscot from Tilburg

Finally met Jin Ho Verdonscot at the Imperial Hotel in downtown Kampala today. Jin Ho, a researcher at Tilburg University Law School, has been my virtual counterpart for years. We had a great talk about microjustice and how technology can help with legal empowerment. He is also a part of TISCO, which I blogged about before. Ahh, he inspires me with his recent list of publications:

  • Gramatikov, M.A., & Verdonschot, J.H. (2010). Legal needs of vulnerable people: A study in Azerbaijan, Mali, Rwanda, Egypt and Bangladesh. (TISCO Working Paper Series on Civil Law and Conflict Resolution Systems, 009/2010)  Further information
  • Gramatikov, M.A., Barendrecht, J.M., Laxminarayan, M.S., Verdonschot, J.H., Klaming, L., & Zeeland, C.M.C. van (2010). A handbook for measuring the costs and quality of access to justice. Apeldoorn | Antwerpen | Portland: MAKLU. Further information
  • Verdonschot, J.H. (2009). Delivering objective criteria: Sources of law and the relative value of neutral information for dispute resolution. (TISCO Working Paper Series, 001/2009)  Further information
  • Barendrecht, J.M., Kamminga, Y.P., & Verdonschot, J.H. (2008). Priorities for the justice system: Responding to the most urgent legal problems of individuals. (TILEC Discussion Paper No. 2008/011 | TISCO Working Paper No. 001/2008)  Further information
  • Barendrecht, J.M., & Verdonschot, J.H. (2008). Objective criteria: Facilitating dispute resolution by information about going rates of justice. (TISCO Working Paper Series, 005/2008)  Further information

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