Wednesday, June 11, 2003 information on WSIS, seen with German lens.

Stumbled upon a great 'unofficial' resource of WSIS, with lots of good facts and repository of documents. In Germany, a WSIS working group initiated by the Network New Media and the Heinrich Böll Foundation, has been meeting continuously since mid-2002. This group has gradually developed into a broader Germany-wide civil society coordination for the WSIS, and is their site: offers background information and latest news on the WSIS process and on the issues and debates around the summit. It was set up by the Heinrich Boell Foundation in February 2003 and is part of the efforts of the Foundation to spread knowledge and information about the summit, both in Germany and internationally. The site editors are members of the German WSIS Civil Society Coordinating Group and are also active in the international civil society activities on WSIS.

The site seeks to combine several objectives. It is
1. a general info site about the WSIS for civil society worldwide
2. an information source for German civil society, particularly
3. a window for the rest of the world to find out about WSIS preparation in Germany

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Berkman Center's Internet Law Program at Stanford, June 30-July 4

The Berkman Center's Internet Law Program, presented in conjunction with Stanford's Center for Internet and Society, will take place at Stanford on June 30-July 4.

Fees range from $700 (for a day session) to $2,500 (standard registration). No prior background in the subject of Internet Law is required; however, American lawyers may be eligible for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit. Check out the agenda - it spans across a wide and interesting range of subjects (as fitting for this cross cutting, emerging topic)  to explore all aspects of contemporary Internet Law, delivered via a series of lectures and discussions designed. I am suspecting that, like all Harvard programs, this will be intensive, interactive, group based and case-method centered.

(updated 9/4/05): Check out a the even wider scope schedule for the 2005 program.

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