Friday, June 4, 2010

FAO and ILO picks up on Legal Empowerment of the Poor concept

The concept of 'Legal Empowerment of the Poor' is spreading like wildfire. Today, Google returned '"about 115,000 results" when I queried the term. Even the FAO and ILO have picked up the concept in their literature. (Food and Agricutural Organization and International Labor Organization, both also UN agencies, respectively)  A colleague at FAO’s Gender, Equity and Rural Employment Division (ESWD) forwarded me their position statement on the concept, called "Legal Empowerment of the Poor: a Pathway out of Poverty", which you can access online here on the AFO/ILO partnership website

The FAO is insistent that, "Whether labelled as legal empowerment or not, FAO’s work in land tenure, forestry and fisheries management has long focused on enabling, participatory and community-based approaches." and that "Poverty is not inevitable, it is man made. We have to continue to support the legal empowerment process and ensure that its two faces – bottom-up empowerment of people and legal and institutional reforms – continue together in a systemic and coherent manner."

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