Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Interesting Berkman webcast on "Information"

Having done ICT work in development for a while now, it is easy to get lost in the technologies (and even more so, the politics). It's great to get a chance to step back into theory and philosophy at revisit the entire concept of 'Information', which was what David Weinberger's presentation was about at Berkman last week.  Materials including webcast here, or you can read the draft of the presentation at David's blog post.


What Information Was

David Weinberger, Berkman Center

Tuesday, November 10, 12:30 pm
Berkman Center, 23 Everett Street, second floor
RSVP required for those attending in person (rsvp@cyber.law.harvard.edu)
This event will be webcast live at 12:30 pm ET and archived on our site shortly after.
It's puzzling that even though we named an age after information, very few people can tell you what information is. And the ones with the clearest answers are often defining information in the technical sense, which is not the sense in which the culture took it up. In this session, we'll look back at information, trying to understand what about it led us to embrace it as the dominant -- paradigmatic -- way of understanding ourselves and our world. David Weinberger will present an informal sketch of a direction, suggesting that we leaped into information because it reflected a long-held but squirrely metaphysics. There will be lots of time for open discussion.

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