Saturday, August 1, 2009

Development Gateway community portal (dgCommunities) becomes

Development Gateway is one of a handful of sites I go to for information on development since about 2004 or so. It has slowly matured into a good resource center, moved away from its World Bank historical baggage, and formed a community network of development professionals through dgCommunities. I have heard rumors that dgCommunities was going to have its own web presence (I don't know the business rational behind it, but it might have to do with funding or changing the web platform), and today I stumbled upon DG Communities' successor, a web 2.0y social networking site called Zunia.

From the Development Gateway website, describing Zunia (I noticed that the Zunia site itself does not contain an 'about' section):

Zunia is an online network for knowledge exchange among development professionals worldwide. Users from all over the world visit the portal to access news, events, best practices and publications on a wide range of development topics. 

Registration in Zunia is free and open to all. Users can stay informed on development issues, post information, get e-mail updates, create a professional profile and connect with peers. 

Zunia offers:

  • Over 50,000 registered users, more than half of whom are from developing countries
  • A searchable content database containing over 125,000 content items
  • Content aggregated from more than 200 development organizations worldwide
Zunia was launched in July 2009. Previously, the knowledge-sharing site of Development Gateway was dgCommunities. All the content from that site was migrated to Zunia. visit Zunia

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