Sunday, March 18, 2007

Law Firms in Second Life?

I have been on Second Life, just to check out the virtual world, but I am beginning to wonder about these new business presence in Second Life, and am sure that at some point in the near future, law firms might set up their shop there too. Because of the current lagging state of jurisdictional laws and licensing requirements, I can't see lawyers 'praising law' in that virtual world anytime soon. As it is, lawyers took forever before they even adopted email as a form of communication. But it is a great business marketing and networking tool, especially for forms practicing IP , high tech, art and other non-traditional law areas.

Coincidentally, I came across a posting by Kevon O'Keefe of 'Real Lawyers Have Blogs' (a blog about law and social media) who is suggesting a similar idea. I adapted his post below:

... it's only a matter of time before were going to see law firms in Second Life...In the last few days:
The opportunity for law firms setting up an office in Second Life?
  • To network with other companies in Second Life, especially appropriate for innovative law firms with a new media, IP, start-up business, or VC bent.
  • Online and off line media exposure for what would certainly be perceived as innovative marketing.
It's going to happen.

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