Wednesday, June 22, 2005

ADB Special Review on Access to Justice

In line with recent interest in access to justice and legal empowerment, as as a follow up to its Law Reform symposium earlier this year in January, ADB Review has published an online special issue focussed on Access to Justicehighlighting developments in reform and access to justice in the region. I especially like reading the Review series because of its on-the-ground, country-based focus (not to mention its magazine style and photos!). While it is still fairly typical of the top-down approaches adopted by the Banks, I do witness more of an effort to include women and other minority groups into the discussions.

Articles include:
  • The Unbroken Line of Law- Creating the conditions for economic growth and poverty reduction necessitates legal reforms that take into account all aspects of the rule of law
  • Paying for Justice- Three justice experts discuss the importance of the connection between judicial reforms and the progress of development in Asia and the Pacific
  • Better Policing- Tackling the problems besetting the Bangladeshi police services means overcoming a long history and great shortage of funding
  • Justice for All- Justice system reforms in Pakistan are helping strengthen legal protection for all particularly the poor and vulnerable and reduce delays in court
  • Gender Justice- A leading Indian academic highlights the need for gender perspectives in law reform
  • More articles 
    • The Quest for Justice 
    • New Era for Pakistan's Police 
    • Laws to Favor the Poor 
    • Bringing Justice to the Poor
    • Climate for Change 
    • Court Boosts Lao PDR Banks 
    • Cleaning Up Corruption 
    • Better Justice 
    • Land of Their Own 
    • Guarding Prisoners in Transport
You can access this ADB Review on Access to Justice articles online, or download the pdf

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